Invite Friends

There is an easy way for you to earn great rewards when you tell your friends about us. It’s simple! We will generate your own unique personal link and you can then choose how you want to share it via a number of different yet straight-forward ways. When a friend (not already a player with us) clicks on the link, registers for our site, makes a deposit and start playing our games, you’ll be on your way to earning rewards.

1 You earn 5% of total bets of any users who have registered by your invitation.

2 We calculate and pay invitation rewards after every toto games deadline.

3 We reserve the right to change the invitation rewards in the future.

4 We pay invitation rewards for the total bets of the users not for the amount of deposit they make. For example if one of your invited users deposit their account for $1000 and they just bet $1 for the current toto game, you just earn the reward for the $1 bet they made.