Toto Guide

Toto is a game in which players predict the Home win, Draw, Away win of a number of predefined matches. ParsGoal collects all tickets into a Toto Pool to which players contribute prior to the start of the matches. After all the matches have finished ParsGoal distributes the Toto Prize between all winning players according to Toto Rules.

Start Playing

To place a ticket it is necessary to select a possible result for each of the matches represented on the Toto form. You may place several tickets on one toto form, just mark more than one result at the same time, in one or several matches. Thereby the total number of predictions and the ticket stake selected are correspondingly doubled, trebled etc.

In a Toto match with 16 predefined matched and minimum ticket amount of $0.50, players can mark all three possible results for 6 matches without paying more than minimum ticket amount.

After selecting at least one result for each of the matches represented on the Toto form, the 'PLAY' button will be activated. Click the 'PLAY' button to place your ticket. A message will appear stating 'Your ticket has been placed successfully.', this indicates the ticket has been accepted. If this message does not appear, you can confirm the status of your ticket by checking the My Tickets page.